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  • rate : 3/5

    Yellow Pages St. Petersburg

    The official yellow pages of St. Petersburg. in English, Russian

  • rate : 3/5

    Yellow Pages Capital

    The official yellow pages of Moscow. in English, Russian

  • rate : 3/5

    Kompass Search Engine

    Business to business search engine. in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, German, Italian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Slovenian, Slovak

  • rate : 2/5

    White Pages of Russia. Russian Information Network. Browse by name and city. in English

  • rate : 2/5

    The Traveller's Yellow Pages Online

    Good directories of St Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. Mostly travel-orientated listings (such as hotels and airlines) but includes other businesses. in English, Russian

  • rate : 1/5

    Yellow pages directory by category. in Russian